Even though we’re home from the Check Your Choice tour, we still have more memories to share. And we can’t help but smile looking back on our visit to Holladay Elementary School in Henrico, VA.

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We’ve been traveling for well over a week visiting schools and communities across the East Coast talking about making healthy choices. It’s been a fun and fulfilling journey and we thank you for joining us - albeit virtually.

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Keheley Elementary School in Marietta, GA

We weren’t kidding when we said that Keheley Elementary School was going to be a fun crowd.

keheley elementary school

The participation and enthusiasm beamed from the audience throughout our entire visit.

check your choice tour

Even the teachers joined in!

keheley elementary school

It’s so energizing to be a part of an assembly in which every single person in the room is engaged.

And the excitement kept up even as some of us headed out to check out the GuacMobile with a group of lucky students…



Today - without a doubt - we visited a school that truly “gets it.” 

From the warm welcome we received from Principal Liz Jackson to the individual teachers approaching us before and after to discuss our key messages. Keheley Elementary is a school filled with people who are passionate about delivering healthy options to students and we are honored to have helped empower them a little today.

We also wanted to extend a congratulations to Keheley’s Stephanie Lawson, who was recently named 2011 Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year by the Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (GAHPERD). And just last May, she was named Cobb County Elementary P.E. Teacher of the Year. 

ms. lawson

[Photo Credit]

Congratulations Ms. Lawson!

And thanks to Keheley Elementary School for making today such a special day!

Mary Ford Elementary School in Charleston, SC

The students at Mary Ford Elementary School in Charleston, SC couldn’t have been more enthusiastic. 

mary ford elementary school

Per usual, Austin began his presentation today with some perspective. With the help of a couple of students, he showed the group the clothes he wore on day one of The Biggest Loser. This always goes a long way for students- there’s something about showing reality, not just pushing a message that seems to resonate with the kids. 

check your choice tour

Throughout the entire presentation the students were so willing to participate, which is something that we’ve noticed among all students throughout the tour. It’s awesome to know that we’re engaging with students, not just speaking to them. 

check your choice tour

We had an absolute blast today and we hope that the students had as much fun as we did! 

check your choice tour

Next stop, Georgia! If you’re in the area, keep your eyes peeled for the GuacMobile!

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The Check Your Choice Tour is in South Carolina today visiting Mary Ford Elementary School and we are so excited! Look out for recaps, photos and more later today!

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Austin Brings Check Your Choice Message to North Carolina

Yesterday was an awesome day! I had a great experience with the news team at WNCN NBC 17! They were so welcoming and such great conversationalists!

What I loved though, was getting to share the message- Everyone deserves to hear about what is being done. The problem is Obesity in children, Obesity as an epidemic that will have taken 1/2 the entire population of the US by the year 2030: We are a part of the answer.

Another part of the answer visited South Smithfield Elementary School with us. A wonderful High School Student named Emily Wood has been working on curbing Childhood Obesity in Smithfield, NC just outside Raleigh, NC. She is focused on food, nutrition and being active, which is exactly what I talk about with the schools on the Check Your Choice tour!

It was so great to partner with Emily, and to know that someone is fighting this battle, even when I’m gone…oh and by the way- as I type this, I’m in a car driving to Charleston, SC the next stop! I look forward to what is going to happen next!




Austin shares the Check Your Choice message with North Carolina!

Yesterday, he had a great experience with the news team at WNCN NBC 17 before heading to South Smithfield Elementary School in Smithfield North Carolina.

Austin reflects on our visit to Holladay Elementary in VA

When I visited Holladay Elementary school, I had no idea a student would impact me this way. I couldn’t imagine that I would be taught such a lesson by a boy who sat in my audience.

I don’t want to go into the exact situation, for the boys protection, but I want to thank this young man.

I got a chance to talk with him after our presentation with the school counselor, and I was blown away. I shared my story with this 5th grader, I talked about being made of, getting in fights, almost being expelled from school. I talked about the hurt I went through, the pain pain I had known as a young boy.

It was hard for me to gauge if he was hearing me. I just wasn’t sure, and this was a situation I had never had with just one student before.

We ended the conversation, the boy shook my hand and thanked me, then was guided out by the school counselor. I packed up my bag, met Susan just outside the room and we walked out of the school.

The minivan was waiting to escort me to Raleigh, NC, our next stop on the tour. As soon as I was in, all of my travel buddies asked me how it went. How had it gone? I didn’t know, except that I told him what I know was true for me, and that I told him what was in my heart. 

The car was started, Tara, who was currently driving, began to pull us away from the front of the school when the school counselor stopped our car by waving at us and running toward us. There were tears in her eyes.

She explained that the boy had connected with me. That he understood how closely related our stories were. He told her, “Maybe I can change too.”

I sit here with tears in both eyes, realizing those words are why I travel sharing myself with schools. That boy was me. Except, nobody came and shared with me, and I believed that I was worthless. Maybe, just maybe, that boy will grow up knowing he can change too.




Check out Austin on NBC 17, local Raleigh, talking about the Check Your Choice Tour!

wholly guacamole

Dream, Lead, and Inspire!

That’s the motto for Holladay Elementary School in Henrico, VA. It was something we didn’t find out until the end of Austin’s presentation, but somehow it seemed like the stars aligned. Thank you to everyone who helped make our visit to Holladay so wonderful today!

Also, for anyone in Raleigh, NC- Austin will be on your local NBC morning show at 6:20 a.m. ET on Wednesday, September 21st, so keep your eyes peeled!

Following his segment, we’ll be headed to South Smithfield Elementary School in Smithfield, NC. Don’t forget to give us a shout if you see the GuacMobile along the way!

For now, enjoy a few snapshots from our time at Holladay…

check your choice tour

check your choice tour

check your choice

check your choice